In Western music, we're taught that there are set notes in scales, but there is actually an infinite number of pitches in between those notes. Same thing for me is the space between the black of ink and the white of a paper. In music this gaps are called microtones. In my works these are microchromes and those are the spaces I like to work with.

It is Horizontal Equilibrium, it is movement – Life.  All life is composed of vibrating frequencies, each of them emits a sound. All of life is emitting sound – that is the effect of vibration. The organic matter that forms human beings generates a frequency that can be represented by sound at approximately 42 octaves above middle C. It is a series of lines or lines in sequence.

Each line depicts an emotional strain, the sequence defines the rhythm. A timeline, yes, but a lifeline too. As cold is the lack of warm, dark is the lack of light then black is the lack of white and vice-versa. Black and white are the same thing, identical but differing in gradation. The two opposite color’s vibrations with the one of my body, render a kind of organic geometry to the motif of my oeuvre. Those vibrations, combined together, create a wave. Universe has a sound, this is its frequency.

INTERVALS, Selected Series of Paintings and Drawings
Gesso paint, Sumi Ink and pencil on Paper/Canvas
Various Dimensions