Imaginary Lines. Life on an Unfinished Border
An exploration of the stretch of border separating  A and  B, two juxtaposed words that are so deeply linked by the context, meaning and the number of letters,  that they would not be able to extricate themselves from the relationship if they wanted to. A line on paper might literally be imaginary –– in practice, it can be very real.
Imaginary Lines that create a beginning and consequentially and end.


Black / White
Love / Hate
North / South
Head / Tail
Sky / Sea
Frightened / Courageous
Move / Stay
Open / Shut
Head / Foot

Open / Shut
Good / Evil
Warm / Cool
Wet / Dry
Front / Stern
Bow / Aft
Unite / Split


Join / Part
Birth / Death
Live / Dead
Gal / Guy
Warm / Cool
Wet / Dry
Summer / Winter
Spring / Autumn